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war toy lyrics

Artist: gwar
Song: war toy
Album: You're All Worthless And Weak (Live)
Year: 2002
Churning through the bestial muck.
A cosmic forklift rules my throbbing
asshole. The All-Eye says you are the
right slave--to be my anal knave--
boy. Oh I'm so filled with joy. Now I
tongue in my anal cave--Boy!! You're just
a war-toy--Just my little anal butter
day. They die for me to have my way. Surely
it is their deaths they seek, to brave
know glee. 50 million hosebags every
glad he is among us--I'm so glad he
my toxic--anal reek--Cause I'm so
war toy. Let's all go drink and kill
nipples explode!!!! You're just a
is a fungus--I'm so glad--He is among
us--Philled condoms--My
and fart. Yeah sure it's fun, but is
it art? The All-Eye sees the butt
with little boysdisease. Humanity--is on their knees
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