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the performer lyrics

Artist: gwar
Song: the performer
Album: We Kill Everything
Year: 1999
I'll come to town for you
Pull my pants on down for you
Dress up like a clown for you
I will build an R-2 D-2
I won't even start for you
Then I'll crawl away
I will blow hot fart on you
Unless you fucking pay
Because I am the performer X3
I will come to town for you
Dress up like a clown for you
Try not to fuck around on you
Do so anyway
I'll even suck a cock or two
I will find the ark for you
Go sleep in the park with you
But no sir, I'm not gay
Before I was a whore, on tour
With his dick hanging out and diapers pulled down
I was the child always running around
Show biz was calling so I hit the stage
Worked out an act where I got raped in a cage
My life was bullshit and I didn't care
Went to go bowling and I missed on my spare
But play another song for you...
Thinking about a nose job, too...
But what else could I fucking do
cause I am the Performer
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