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standing ovation lyrics

Artist: chamillionaire
Song: standing ovation
Album: The Ultimate Victory
Year: 2007
Now that I've got dough in my pockets
And a whole lot of profits, seems like everybody loves me
It feels great, seems like everybody loves me
A round of applause for the cause, thank you, thank you

Used to treat me like the bad guy from Houston
And the media was like Darth Vader
People turnin' like turntables
Stay crossin' over like cross faders

Try to switch up teams, like ball playas
So our enemies are like our neighbors
Keep 'em close, yeah very close
Most of my folks are still on papers

You can work or you can have the work
But we makin' more than all of y'all wages
Motivation, makes hustlas make ya
So we successful because y'all made us

Used to not, give a flyin' eff
When they greeted us with that one finga
Whole world jumped on the tip
And we hit the switch and sat on swangaz

In the hood they say y'all famous
Grindin' hard, so we can ball later
They be like damn, that boy made it
If they say I didn't, that's wrong data

First the braud, would try to say I'm fraud
See me pull that waud and that braud changes
Callin' me, she wanna be on the team
And now she's mad because I'm ignorin' pagers

Boys thinkin' that they can serve me
Y'all actin' like y'all waiters
Same ones who used to walk pass me
We was underground, but now we on majors

Keep speakin', beggin' for a beat
And I'll tell the streets to give that boy a favor
Turn 'em purple blue and red, all flavors
I got a message for all haters

Headed to the top and there ain't no way to stop it
And I sho' ain't forgot when everybody used to judge me
Now that I got dough in my pockets and a whole lot of profit
Seems like everybody loves me

I know you like my style, I know you like my style
I know you love the way I put it down
I made it through the hatin', so when you see me shinin'
Gimme a standing ovation

I was bouncin' back like ping-pong
Ridin' became the new theme song
Beatin' on my chest like I'm King Kong
When I broke the record for the ring tones

You ever seen a platinum plaque
That look like that then you seen wrong
Better sit back and relax
'Cause my platinum reign is gonna sing long

And I don't blame boys for hatin'
Because they wasn't patient
And they didn't know the plan
I knew that something had them shakin

It was gonna bubble like a Coca Cola can
And I shook it up like a soda can
My wallet is over flowin' man
Now my potential is unlimited
Like the minutes on my Motorola plan

Accountants and lawyers
I got big business, managers
Chamillitary is an Enterprise
Is you ready to ride? Is you a fan or what?

Sound scannin' in Africa
Sound scannin' in Canada
We don't play, yeah VMAs
It can't get any better, can it huh?

And I know it's hard to stay humble
They really thought I threw a fumble
I could of caught that through the trees
While runnin' right into the jungle

Could of been little Mugsy Bee
Turn her back into Mutumble
Would of still been a victory for me
You win, then they'll say they love you

I know you like my style, I know you like my style
I know you love the way I put it down
I made it through the hatin', so when you see me shinin'
Gimme a standing ovation

Let's give a cheers
To everyone who thought I'd disappear
Thought that every word I said
Was a subliminal shot to disappear

Now I'm in a different gear
No beef, no hate, no dissin' here
You must of been drunk to doubt me
You obviously didn't miss a beer

I used to argue about everythin'
With folks that just didn't hear
Realized, I was wastin' words
Like whisperin' in a missin' ear

I say it good and real
They tellin' me it isn't clear
My two eyes just didn't tear
'Cause weakness is what I didn't feel

It's a better result than last time
But this grind, it's a different year
I really should be commended
For what I've accomplished, give a cheer

Now matter fact, I take that back
Hold your applause for the sequel
We haven't gotten to the part
Where they try to cheat you

You're a genius, you're a genius
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