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martyrdumb lyrics

Artist: gwar
Song: martyrdumb
Album: Ragnarok
Year: 1995
You remember the lessons taught in your past? And how old you were Before you wondered how many were lies? They tried to teach about the anti-Christ They tried to teach that Christ was nice Did they say anything about the terms? That eternal life meant food for worms? Don't die for their dead religion, dead religion, die Please take my soul, and please control But would you just please go? I think it is about time I wipe my ass with your holy book God is dead and the Pope's a crook A blackened heart you claim as pure You're a plague but we're the cure Dead religion, dead religion, die I spit on the shit you prophesize Your apocalypse, a pack of lies Each generation says their time has come Clutching at the thread of martyrdumb Each generation says their time has come Doomsday starts when we kill the sun Die, martyr, die, and embrace your lonely martyrdom What were you told? That the streets would be paved with gold? I got news for you... you are the road Well, I know better Bub God lives in a nuclear sub Yeah, your religion is the greatest scam Cause we're all dead and we're all damned In the eyes of your dead religion
martyrdumb lyrics
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