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circle of pain lyrics

rough silk
Artist: rough silk
Song: circle of pain
man will come and man will go
man will fight and still don't know
why man must altuays rise and fall
take the gun and want it all
man of hatred - man of gain
man of children died in vain
man of war - what for?

man must eat and man must kill
man must pay another bill
man must do what leaders say
but men believe in "their own way"
man hits wife and wife beats kid
kid kicks dog but the dog's too fit
to bite the cat for a chain
and the circle of pain

men of steel and men of pride
do sometimes need a place to hide
men of trust and men of black
some men are never comin' back
man needs money - money needs fame
man who loses tries to blame
the world, the stars, the rain
and the circle of pain

stairway melter
lightning strikes when
frightening shelter likes - you

circle of pain - mankind insane
over and over - you cannot deny
that the world's biggest lie
does remain - in the circle of pain

man needs trouble - man needs sin
man must play and always win
man needs women - you ain't got one?
well, real men hide their tears in blood
man must walk alone but tall
and man must hate the wake up call
men go down the drain - circle of pain

funny how it seems to be a little bit of history
funny how it seems to be a little bit of
rough silk
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