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you're there lyrics

Agnetha Fältskog
Artist: Agnetha Fältskog
Song: you're there
(Agnetha Fältskog / Eric Stewart)

I tried not to see you
'Cause I couldn't take the heartache again
The past was behind me
Wouldn't compromise, it's never the same
But when we met lost in the candlelight
And you smiled at me
Knew I had to be with you
And suddenly, closer to me
(You're there, you're there).

You're there in the morning
And the hurt is slippin' away (slippin' away)
And though I laugh through teardrops
I can't face another day,
I don't know how to tell you
There's so much that I wanted to say (wanted to say)
Do you know that I love you forever?
I want you to stay.

We shouldn't be lonely
But a broken dream shatters away
We're lost in our troubles
When a dream is gone, somebody pays
I never tried, counting the memories
Leave them all behind
But I can't live without you
Stay with me, please let me find
(You're there, you're there).

Chorus x 2

You're there in the morning
And the hurt is slippin' away...
Agnetha Fältskog
you're there lyrics
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