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you were there lyrics

the call
Artist: the call
Song: you were there
Saw a man?s home, a box made of cardboard
Frozen to the bone, can?t take much more
He says Lord I need help here, send me a strong hand
To lift me from the street, help me to stand

I?ve been forgotten, been forsaken
Poisoned by a bottle I could not shake it
I?ve been passed over, been rejected

And I?m afraid I?ll never feel
The warmth of summer come again
Man I am helpless, I?m freezing
You were there, you were there

I saw a sick man on a sick bed
Scorned by the world like he had two heads
He says I?m a man here dying a cruel death
I'm cut off from the world, man it was so sad

He was suffering, he was ailing
Tortured by his fate, his body was failing
He says I?m an outcast, left defenseless

And I?m afraid that I?ll be dead
Before the summer comes again
I?ve been rejected, man I am dying
You were there, you were there

Saw a rich man alone in a dark house
A prison made of gold he could not break out
He says my life is aimless, it just seems pointless
Boredom truly kills, man I am hopeless

I got diamonds, I got houses
I got silver clouds and silver spoons to match it
I?ve come up empty, man I am desperate

And I never want to feel
The warmth of summer come again
I?ll be forgotten, my life is over
You were there, you were there
You were there, Lord, you were there
the call
you were there lyrics
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