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yall aint ready to ball lyrics

Artist: chamillionaire
Song: yall aint ready to ball
Chorus: Big Moe]
They want me to sip drank and just roll with them
I ain't fuckin with y'all, 'cause y'all ain't ready to ball
They want me to hit the club and pull hoes with them
I ain't fuckin with y'all, 'cause y'all ain't ready to ball
They want me to pour out, some Rendo but nah
I ain't fuckin with y'all, 'cause y'all ain't ready to ball
They want me to grip grain and flip fo's with them
I ain't fuckin with y'all, 'cause y'all ain't ready to ball

You know, I'ma gold grinnin' young thugga
Hustlin' representin' for the
gorillas and thugs sittin' pretty on the butta
Yokohama on the rubber, see I'm like no other
Girls see me on the block and just st-st-studder
See I'ma lover and a stunner, see I'm in love with my chips
But the ice on the wrist is a lil too cold to kiss
Can't fall in love with ya miss, 'cause my money be gettin' jealous
And that's the same reason I can be out hittin' licks with the fellas
Good-Lawd, I ain't with it, all though I hate to admit it
But if I go by myself and get it, I won't have to split it
So I'll be frontin' like I'm busy everytime that you call
'cause I can't be thuggin' with y'all, niggaz ain't bout paper at all
I can't be frontin' like I'm broke, niggaz can see I ain't broke
$1,000 worth of ice is glistenin' off of my rope
'cause ya out, smokin' ya dope and ya out puffin' ya 'jane
And ya out grippin ya grain, and I'm out spittin' my game, in the rain
pimpin' ya dame, ya gots to be bout ya figgas
I run with the realest gorillas and the realest 20 inch wheelers
I'm not from Pittsburgh nigga, but I run with them Steelers
So hop in the 6 if ya wit us, if not mind ya own business
Just tell me where the money at, Chamill be gon' be right there
"Is that a 500 dollar bill", see I'ma be like 'yeah'
And you can call me out my name, Chamillion really don't care
I'm changin' my name from Chamillion to The Chamillionaire

[Chorus] w/ Chamillionaire ad-libs
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