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who hotter than me lyrics

Artist: chamillionaire
Song: who hotter than me
[Intro - Chamillionaire - talking]
Who hotter than me?
Who hotter than me?
Who hotter than me? (Chamillitary mayne)
Who hotter than me?
You on the sideline talkin about the King
You just mad cause (I'm not you)
Cause you know it's not you
And you know it's (and not you)
You got to get in the game
You got to get off the sideline before you can talk about me
Chamillitary boy
Hey (hey)

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Who hotter than C (C)? Who not in the streets? (streets)
I'm the landlord of it boy and you out of your lease (lease)
Gorilla for scrilla, watch me swing out of the trees (woo)
These rappers can't see me and you're not in fatigues
Got a lot of haters but I know they all gon' fit (fit)
I got a lot of rental space for haters on my dick
so have a sit (sit), baby my cars is clean (clean)
I pull out blades everyday, I feel like Wolverine
Use Listerine, because they said it's green (green)
If you ain't money, you not my lover like (Billie Jean)
I used to play the side, I used to play the wing
I'm so T.I., today I'm feelin like I'm a "King" (like a King)
I wake up Waco and not a rapper can tie 'em Tyler
No disrespect if you on your hustle, but I am higher (higher)
I'm the Messiah (Messiah), tired of bein humble
In love with green, so I'm a go and get me a jungle
She said 'you think you God, then call yourself Messiah'
But if I told you I was weak, then you'd call me a liar (liar)
Each verse is fire (fire) and you could call me 'siah
You find a rapper that can beat me, promise I'll retire
So cold and raw, that when I do my thang
You open the mixtape up and it's gon' smell like sushi man (sushi man)
Mixtape Messiah, get on the groupie train
It's takin off, if you ain't on it baby, you's a lame

[Break - 2X]
"Boys steady talkin down"
"Boys steady talkin down"
"Back, back, back, back, snatchin the underground"

[Famous - talking behind the Chorus]
Who hotter than me?
Who runnin the streets?
Who runnin the streets nigga?
We runnin the streets
Right back at you niggaz
Naw, it ain't Koopa nigga
Um um

[Verse 2 - Famous]
Ask who the best, I'll probably say Cham is (Cham is)
Ask me who next, I'll probably say his man is (Famous!)
While you on the internet like a stan is (yep)
I'm gettin Head & Shoulders, no dandruff (ah)
I crawl slow (slow), ask Paul ho (ho)
Who the thoedest from my city? Shit y'all know (know, you know)
A deuce and ten pennies
We take and not askin mic 'excuse me Ben Friendly"
So I don't need a handshake, I don't want a hug (naw)
You's a 'chould of, would of, should of, I was gonna' thug (yeah)
I'm from where everybody probably want a plug (210)
No tracks, but the 'Ton runnin through my blood (ain't even playin)
My buzz spreadin like rumors, cuz (uh huh, keep goin)
That hole growin like tumors, ehh
Them boys played like Puma's
I'm in the league, you got two years left like juniors (woo, haha)
Yeah, it's goin all the way down (all the way)
From A-T-X to the D (D), back to SA town (Waco, 210)
I can't forget the H though (yeah)
Oh you see the bread (bread), now let's break ho (let's go)
Deuce dime, who climb the charts
Like I'm a climb the chart, the rhymin starts
Understand my rhymes are art, you're rhymes apart
Take 'em back and I don't care what your mind had thought (nope)
It's Chamillitary front line (front line), goin for the touchdown (touchdown)
Fourth and some inches, boys knowin that it's punt time (hut, hut)
Yeah the best is what I happen to claim (claim)
And what happened at The Zone, won't happen to Fam' (ah)
I'm click clappin the thing, I'm attached to my chain
Then we hit the AP, my niggaz passin the Jane
Yeah, M-1 (M-1) dog, I'm gunnin the beats (uh huh)
Now tell me y'all, who runnin the streets? Me
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