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thug girl lyrics

south park
Artist: south park
Song: thug girl
Album: 3rd Wish To Rock The World
Year: 1999
f/ Low-G, Pimpstress

First Verse: [ Low- G]

Course (SPM f/ Low-G)

Thug Girl
Thuuuuuuuuuug Girl , (Thug Girl)
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thuuuuuuuuuug Girl , (Thug Girl)
It's me Low-G sagaterious
Girl Girl , Girl Girl

I like the Thug Girl that love to stare at us
Platnium nails with a matching skirt
She rolls with the click bad attitude
Thug Girl I can make you cucci hurt
The bitch getting roudy cause she high with tha crew
Heard you and your crewy been talking shit
Baby girl you make it feel soooo damn
She gots a 25 with an extra click
Good riding my dick chunckin up your hood
She like the girls that kick the freestlye verse
In the club you pack my gack in yo purse
She got the nuts on every G i know I love when you holla fuck the 5-0 I'ma be
on your side when you need my help
Thug Girl living in a gansta world

Chorus (Low-G)
Thug Girl your the reason why
I don't want you to go
I love you so
Thuuuuuuuuuug Girl , (Thug Girl)
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thuuuuuuuuuug Girl , (Thug Girl)
Girl Girl, Girl Girl
2nd Verse (SPM):

SPM baby on the rise
Well I like the Thug Girl with the big brown eyes
Driving outta state with my cocaine
She got rashache and a big gold chain
She know how to roll big fat sweets
Holla nigga you can smoke if you match me shoot big dice
I do it for you 'cause you care about me
Jam spice crew eat food with the hands and drink guyz rule
When I was locked down in Harris county
Putting money on my books for my for my comercery
Told her I was hooked on Miss Mary
All my broke homies at home watching Jerry
From there we hit it off and I must admit
She said she had a boyfriend that she wanted me to bury
Thug Girl thuggin and I'm loving it

Third Verse (Pimpstress):

Well I'm that thug that you can't resist
Crazy ass bitch i was made for this
Got a house full of dope
Million dolla nena ross giving birth to 17 kids
Can you fit when you get extra clip on my hip
Holla tits let it zip all through your shit
If you pass the cementary on main and 5th
You can see a collection of my greatest hits
Having zipped ondrary under contrary
If you feel me then holla already
Some of you broads becomeold new
Getting tagged team and recked up by who knows who?
Well rule #1 you wanna touch for fun you get touched by gun
Till you fuck with son huh?
I unload more till outta control
'cause when the sun goes down it a mother fucking jungle

chorus (3x)
Thug Girl your the reason why

I love you so
I don't want you to go
Thuuuuuuuuuug Girl , (Thug Girl)
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thuuuuuuuuuug Girl , (Thug Girl)
Girl Girl, Girl Girl
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