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still countin' my cash lyrics

Artist: chamillionaire
Song: still countin' my cash
[Repeat - x2]
Chamillitary Mane... Are you ready?

[Verse 1]
Yeah, yeah
A couple of clowns in the town, run around, they used to be down
But it's build, check what you speaking, watch how you're using your nouns
Can make a million from home, making moves from my lounge
Hard to play captain save her cause them dudes is usually drowned
If you gon' hate, you at least could wait til it get to the chorus
You my promotional team, them boys my biggest supporters
Reside in Houston but they pay me to make a switch like the oilers
Toured a crib like a tourist, my yard look like a forest
Time to get a Thesaurus, they at a loss for words
They can't pronounce what I'm in, they like "All them cars is yers?"
I got cars with curves, treating all my cars like birds
The fleet is a flock and the engine starts like "brrr"
Welcome to the place where the music is slowed and choppy
The writers that wrote about me
Said that I wouldn't sell and the major label was gonna drop me
I make money moves and the population is sure to copy
When I need a favour I'ma call Ben Franklin like I know you got me

Haters was hating, they thought that I wouldn't last
But I'm still on the grind, I can see why they mad
Cause I'm still countin' my cash (still countin' my cash)
I'm still countin' my cash (still countin' my cash)
I'm still countin' my cash (still countin' my cash)
I'm still countin' my cash so do the math
They knocking my hustle, they saw me coming up fast
But I'm still getting mine, can't do nothing but laugh
Cause I'm still countin' my cash (uh)
I'm still countin' my cash (still countin' my cash)
I'm still countin' my cash (still countin' my cash)
I'm still countin' my cash so do the math

[Verse 2]
This is for everyone who be acting like a Grammy made me a winner
My hunger did it so do me a favour and make me a dinner
Eating cakes at the lima, they gon' hate when you enter
Pockets swollen, I'm holding up monkey jeans with suspenders
None of these rappers is real, cause if you real then you dodging me
Ain't bumped into one that's even halfway as real from what I can see
I extend middle finger and don't extend an apology
Shows getting me paper, sales getting me property
Guess I'm good at monopoly, taking over the game
Trynna hold so much paper that my arms and shoulders just stain
Ain't smoking or drinking but I'm thinking what being sober will bring
You got a hangover in the morning but I'm hanging over in Spain
Fifty thousand through customs, I know you isn't accustomed
Cause money talks and your pockets look like an end of discussion
So hitting my head on the ceiling from money getting is nothing
I stand on top of my paper and probably get a concussion
I know the...


[Verse 3]
Remember that little apartment, we was laughing at Martin
Now the Martin's the aft and the one we passing is ???
And proper tags with bargains, the card is black what I'm charging
Grind out of this world, I'm chasing ground like a Martian
A hustler that really ball, your purchase is pretty small
Your money is minimal, my crib is a mini mall
And if it ain't really large, my bidness gon' get resolved
I feel like they fake and the boys is fighting for pennies dog

Yeah, I'm a hustler
Yeah, I'm a hustler
Yeah, I'm a hustler
Gotta keep my hustle up
Yeah, I'm a hustler
Yeah, I'm a hustler
Yeah, I'm a hustler
You know that I hustle for the
I ain't even gotta say Y (say Y baby)
She asked me why I'm missing and I (I'm out on the grind)
Cause the reason is that I'm on my grind

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