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sorry lyrics

english beat
Artist: english beat
Song: sorry
Try to live but it's more like worry
Each time I try to speak it does sound like 'sorry'
Setting up races you've gotta keep winning
Imaginary races

Jump until you're bleeding, you're needing
And you're wanting it so badly
Timed your sighing, all lying
And she's trusting you completely stupid

Feeling attack put up defenses
Nothing you've ever said made much sense
Words are just another violence
Nothing rings as true as silence

Dream, I can fly in desperation, sorry
Must have mixed up remorse with anticipation, sorry
Each time I try to break this hurry, sorry
Start off apologizing for saying sorry

Leaving me pleading
All through wanting it so badly
Timed my sighing, all lying
And you trusted me completely foolish

Sounds like 'sorry'
It sounds like 'sorry'
It always sounds like 'sorry'
english beat
sorry lyrics
by english beat lyrics
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