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something to believe in lyrics

rough silk
Artist: rough silk
Song: something to believe in
The 21st century says "hello
-I'm the first to come but the last to go
You seem to be alive-but hey, you never know that"
We all need something to belive in

The wicked prince of Babylon
Met the beast of bourbon and suddenly was gone
His soldiers rode and still ride on
-We all need something to believe in

Something to believe in
Something for the pain
When your heart calls you a liar
And a dreamÂ's gone down the drain
Something to believe in
When your tears fall down like rain
When your memories burn like fire
You need something to remain

Cleopatra cried: "I want my money back"
-Red light-wrong side of the track
So Ceasar bought a cadillac
-We all need something to believe in

Well, the mystery of beeing right or wrong
Is just one line of a 40-verse-song
If it doesnÂ't kill you it'll make you strong
We all need something to believe in

Something to believe in
That's what we are all lookin' for
And when you finally got it in your hands
All you want is even more
Something to believe in
-But the truth is hard to find
'Cause life is just a journey
And the aim is in your mind

Something to believe in
rough silk
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