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sacrifice lyrics

The Screaming Jets
Artist: The Screaming Jets
Song: sacrifice
Spinning in a nose dive.
Change my old life, wash my hands.
Up and down, turned around.
Am I ever gonna land.
Dreamin of my new way every day Is this my shelter.
Am I right.
You want me to live like Jesus Christ.
I could never make that sacrifice.
Sinking in this whirlpool and
I'm Drowning in the mire.
Up and down twist me around.
A feather could have knocked me down.
Faces flash before me black.
At my back cut me some slack.
You want me to live like Jesus Christ
You toss your coin but I roll my dice.
I could never make that sacrifice.
Falling through this vacuum in my back room lost in space A crack in a

face of tone.
I see a king on a tin can throne.
I've seen the light from your fallen eyes
While crimson dries
Got so much to learn
Want your money to burn.
You want me to live like Jesus Christ.
I could never make that sacrifice.
You toss your coin, gonna roll my dice
And I could never make that sacrifice
The Screaming Jets
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