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roll call reloaded lyrics

Artist: chamillionaire
Song: roll call reloaded
Album: The Mixtape Messiah Part 2
Year: 2006
[Chorus - Chamillionaire]
Sorry but I'm real busy mayne
Grindin, I'm in the streets gettin change
You can leave a message after the tone (tone, tone, tone, tone, tone, tone)
But I hope that it's 'bout money mayne
I don't wanna hear no other thang
Or you can go ahead and just hang up the phone (phone, phone, phone, phone, phone, phone)

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire - imitating Pimp C]
Uh, got a chip in my phone, I stay talkin free
If it ain't 'bout money stop callin me
Leave me alone if you ain't talkin G's
If your name ain't on a damn caller ID (caller ID)
Uh, you ain't even much, really fittin to talk to me
I keep it pimpin so don't talk to me
If it ain't 'bout business, cause talk is cheap (talk is cheap)

[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire - imitating Slim Thug]
Ha, we boss hoggin and makin paper, your stock's fallin (cheah)
Get money, then get more, while y'all stallin (stallin)
I just bought 'em, them fos swang, ya saw crawlin
Ha, money talks, if you not talkin, then stop callin

[Verse 3 - Chamillionaire - imitating Z-Ro]
Try me just one time, I show you the proof
I got a bunch of Reggie Miller niggaz ready to shot
Get hauled off with the sawed off, he called Snoop
Tall, skinny, yippy, small nigga, turquoise blue

[Verse 4 - Chamillionaire - imitating E.S.G.]
All the way to Louisiana I know you gutter niggaz feel me
I keep a loaded heater that's a auto and a semi
I'm ridin in a big truck, I know that auto got a hemi
I'm blowin purple stuff, that's purple stuff up in my kidney

[Verse 5 - Chamillionaire - imitating Killa Kyleon]
Run it, hey
Lookin at the game, it's like I need some more spitters
When they sayin lyricist they only sayin four niggaz (run it)
Tired of you muggin me like you a born killer
I'll wrap the beef up for ya like a tortilla nigga

[Verse 6 - Chamillionaire - imitating Big Moe]
Hey, naw, naw, just tryin them doors is on swangs
Still crawlin low, roll master on swangs (roll master on swangs)
Sippin and pour, I stay sippin that drank (drank)
'Til it get low and then I fill it up mayne (may-ne)

[Verse 7 - Chamillionaire - imitating Willie D]
I'm ready, I don't play, hey
Freaky deaky, freaky deaky, she know how I go
Hard for the pesos, my car goes and they sure to follow
Gonna let her follow as long as that heffa know my motto
I know you over the head with a bottle if your wallet hollow

[Verse 8 - Chamillionaire - imitating Bushwick Bill]
Your mind playin tricks if it's not me your askin for
I leave 'em stranded, beggin, pleadin, they ask for more
Under 5 feet but yeah, I'm your master broad
Visa, American Express, even your MasterCard

[Verse 9 - Chamillionaire - imitating Magno]
It's magnificent, look at that
Eye candy sprayed on my dash
Stacey Dash was the month before last
I replace the dash and she can't be mad

[Verse 10 - Chamillionaire - imitating Lil' O]
Your talkin 'bout the south and close your mouth they should, yeah
Hope your ghetto pass throughout the south stay good, yeah
Ridin candy red, I'm on that south braised wood, yeah
Pull up to the curb, break 'em off and rake hoods, yeah

[Verse 11 - Chamillionaire - imitating Bun B]
From the corners of PA to the tip of the Texas state (state)
To all my niggaz "Ridin Dirty" jammin UGK (K)
Give me good brain is somethin I ain't have to say (say)
Been ready to duck and do it since that MTV with Sway (Sway)
I'ma keep it trill (trill), I'ma keep it true (true)
I'ma keep on ridin the hard top and poppin roof (roof)
I'ma keep on droppin the drop, then I'm "Chunk Up The Deuce" (deuce)
Texas representin, got 'em swangin, bangin Screw
Hold up

[Verse 12 - Chamillionaire - imitating Devin The Dude]
Yeah, yeah
I put my jimmy on her tonsils and she mumbled and spoke
I couldn't understand, it's like she wanted to choke
It sounded like she said she didn't have nothin to smoke
I pulled my stick off her lip and bust a nut on her throat (eh eh, yeah)

[Verse 13 - Chamillionaire - imitating Big Pokey]
Caddy popped off, full screen up
White cups, fo' nina
I'ma 'peat I ain't no dreamer
I bite the bullet outta yo nina
Yellow stone, I'm makin cash
On Holly Hog, scrapin mash
Watch the trunk just wave and laugh
Am I ridin dirty? You hate to ask

[Verse 14 - Chamillionaire - imitating Lil' Keke]
Southside, southside
Pass the fo', forget Don P
Pop the seal, so down key
When I turn the candy red car key
Drippin slow, I'm in the mode
If you don't like it, then pardon me
But you know the fo' on me
Better bring you a whole army

[Verse 15 - Chamillionaire - imitating Mike Jones]
Cheah, 281 not 713 (what?), 281 not 713
Candy load, I'm ridin fos
Now broke hoes wanna bop on me (what?)
Broke hoes wanna bop on me
Want me to take 'em on a shoppin spree
But you ain't ridin (naw), not with me
Cause I feelin mellow on choppin Spree's (haha)

[Verse 16 - Chamillionaire - imitating Paul Wall]
What it do, what it do
Still with the camp, shinin like a lamp (lamp)
"People's Champ," gonna leave a tramp left on the feet, stuck like a stamp (stamp)
Still tippin of fo' fos, I'm crawlin slow, I thought you knew (knew)
Breakin bread and break 'em off with the Swishahouse man, what it do

[Verse 17 - Chamillionaire - imitating Trae]
So they don't wanna get it
Really really cook 'em back fo' fo' ready to show off in this bitch
The windows stay tinted to the max when I'm in it
Slow loud and bangin, best believe I'm gonna go get it

[Verse 18 - Chamillionaire - imitating Lil' Flip]
Me I'ma pimp, I ain't payin for no sex (woo)
Connected on the west, I ain't payin for no tecs
I'ma CEO, I ain't waitin for no checks
Want drama, better bring it, but you better wear a vest (oh boy)

[Verse 19 - Chamillionaire - imitating Scarface]
G's don't die, we ride
We ride down the strip and we multiply (ply)
Move pies and 05's guys we close eyes (close eyes)
Never seen a man cry, 'til I seen my hand bys

If you leavin stupid messages on my answering machine, then stand by


[Outro - Chamillionaire - imitating Chingo Bling]
"They Can't Deport Us All," chico
I got into they ice, to get into they foil, punto
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