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rethink, return lyrics

with honor
Artist: with honor
Song: rethink, return

One last time
And then we will make the choice to
Change our ways

Man's greatest excuse has gotten hold of us
It eats away at decisions and promises we made
Stealing our success and taking our triumphs
For another day
Don't let go
It's not too late to rethink and to return to
The hour when our desire freely ran
It's the greatest shame, carved out on the ones who've turned away
giving up their dreams for mediocrity
Never knowing, never thinking they've signed their lives away.

But what's to be said for us who take life by the hand?
We will prove wrong all of our critics and smash our greatest doubts
We will see heights
See heights we never thought we'd reach

I know the pain that keeps up down
Somehow self doubt keeps us from breaking ground
We need to reclaim control and get ourselves on track
Forget out mistakes
We've made so many but there's no going back
Don't let go
It's not too late to rethink and to return to the hour when our desire freely ran

Rethink, return
There's no looking back
We can be free through this struggle
Decide to find strength in your beliefs
There's no looking back
We will be free
with honor
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