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poetry lyrics

Artist: tamia
Song: poetry
Album: More
Year: 2004
alnight .Make it like poetry,poetry poetry, everything wrong you see make it alright make it like....
Kisses of raindrops wash away the pain,each stroke is a journey on a long train to a new destination new meditation in love relization of possibilities he says to me I've given hard, mystical, tender and correct, without expactations yet all of them met ,take me around the world, but please come direct speak to me,speak to my heart

[Repeat chorus]

oh make it like..
To be or not to be won't be any question
Make it like ...
The slings of arrows of outrageos love are gone
Make it like...
A dream I can touch,a dream I can feel.
Make it like
Only you,only you can take me there
Make it like ...
make it like poetry

[Repeat chorus until fade]

kisses of raindrops, they wash away the pain
each strokes a journey, oh on a long train
make it like poetry
give it all night poetry
everything youll see
baby you know, thuged out pimped i dont need'em out all i need is you ya
everything oooh oh
Yeah... Poetry
poetry lyrics
by tamia lyrics
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