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pato and roger ago talk lyrics

english beat
Artist: english beat
Song: pato and roger ago talk
Pato and Roger ago talk
Aha, uhu,
Pato and Roger ago talk.

You come in a de dance,
You jump up and prance,
And when tek a stop
A so we hold dem in a trance.

Aha, uhu,
Pato and Roger ago talk.
Aha, uhu,
Pato and Roger ago talk.

Come on everybody mek me have some fun,
We all get together and live as one.
Give dis yah rockers strictly to de nation.
Then little after that it's in your radio station.
Cause me seh, him Ranking Roger,
Seh him really, really tall
And him Ranking Pato
Seh him really, really small,
We both get together and we nice up de hall.
And when we take a stop,
Even the rain can't fall.

Aha, uhu,
Pato and Roger ago talk.
Aha, uhu,
Pato and Roger ago talk.

Cause me seh,
man in a pance,
And a woman in a frock,
And everything we chat dem to have to musically rock.
Come move your little feet.
Come and rock to the beat.
Then little after that,
Them sam 'so unique.'

Girls and boys hear the schooll bell ring,
Run to your classes cause it's time to come in,
Pick up your shoes and run-a-mile
Cause Pato and Roger seh dem come and make you smile.

Because we rock together,
Toast together,
Skank together,
Move together,
We a bredda.
Ay tell dem,
Ay tell them.
english beat
pato and roger ago talk lyrics
by english beat lyrics
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