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oh my lord lyrics

ringo starr
Artist: ringo starr
Song: oh my lord
Album: Choose Love
Year: 2005
Ringo Starr - Oh My Lord

Help me Lord (2x)
I need your love so bad

Oh my Lord (2x)
I need your love so bad

When I'm in darkness
And full of fear
I know the answer
When you are here

Now I believe
It's all become clear

Oh my Lord (2x)
I need your love so bad

When my heart is wondering (my heart is wondering)
Hopless and sad
I look for the answers (I look for the answers)
The ones that you have

I have to let go
To be in your hands

Oh my Lord (2x)
I need your love so bad

The sky is blue
Because of you
You're everywhere (everywhere)
With peace and love (peace and love)
You rise above
And find you there (and find you there)

Of all that's incertain
After all I've been through
The one thing that's certain
That I know is true
Love that we need
It all comes from you

Oh my Lord (2x)
I need your love so bad
ringo starr
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