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my mother the war lyrics

10,000 maniacs
Artist: 10,000 maniacs
Song: my mother the war
Album: Hope Chest: The Fredonia Recordings 1982-1983
Year: 1990
She borders the pavement Flanks avenues Parades pass white glove attended by My mother the war She'll raise a shaft Lift a banner Toss a rose My mother the war She's made every effort To salvage the few Bought fourteen liberty bonds My mother the war Mother the war She knows every neighbor Chats at their doors Compare econosize electric appliances my mother the war Share tea and a seat By my cradle with My mother the war Mother the war Caressing the globe Touch on his isle She wrings hands in pensive waiting My mother the war Haunts her doorway Begs her postman Is there word for My mother the war Momentos of distant vigil Three years each tour "Hands of God enfold him" prayed My mother the war Mother the war In bitter defiance She's spitting the corps She's wet a brood short league for combat My mother the way Well acquainted with sorrow Left millions in grief My mother the war Fold Laced Carrion Blood Soaked Robes Mother the war
10,000 maniacs
my mother the war lyrics
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