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moham mitchell lyrics

south park
Artist: south park
Song: moham mitchell
They do tha yard in fuckin fifteen minutes
I will kill you
Na I will kill you first
ha ha, Na if you kill me ill come back and I will kill you
you aint gonna kill me, I will run and I will hide and you will never find me and I will send somebody to kill you
ha ha ha ha ha
Wus up lero
Big Boy!
Check this out man

Im in a candy binz fancy lens
fuckin with this muthafuckin bad ass biatch
with fat ass tits and big ol' ass
I come from tha head 'cause I think so fast
Im tha one and not tha two
Smoke pep lepu makin revenu
Oh, western U sent me cash
I make my dough and I pay tha tax
I pay uncle sam, I pay my band
I buy everybody that chimmy chang
I mean chickin wang, rice, and gravy
Ima throw a chickin wang at ma lady
'cause she pissed me off with all that hate
Now shes in the closet duck taped
Wuts crackulating wuts ovulating
Ima do boys like ?multipayting?
Im tha Boss while boys getting fucked off
Ima high powerd puple man playin golf
Tryin ta putt but still im thuggin
My golf club sett cost fortyfive-hundred
Love it, lose it, find it ima keep it
I made it in this rap game 'cause I cheated
I toold my geine make my albums sell
he said you already used your three wishes in jail
remember your first wish behind them bars
you wished that you could fuck tha security guard
well, I hypnotised her and let you fuck her
You ate that bitch like she was supper
then your second wish was to fuck her again
then your third wish was to get out tha pen
now this makes four but fuck it ill do it
Ima even have ???????????????????
So even though you sound like shit and cant rap
you gonna be tha biggest fuckin rapper on tha map
you mean all that stupid shit that I write
people gona actually think its tight
thats right, plus ull be tha CEO
but stop wastin money on Ms. Cleo
Ok ima call Jose and tell em ta call this asian that neva gave us no play
and c wat they say maybe itll work
and if it dont fuck it ill make my gun skurt
yall should join me my skin is oily
yall dont want no beef, probly soy beef
No serloin i flip a coin I saw her tits and my dick went boing
at tha car show its that third annual
im chillin with my boy who? Jack Daniels
Im mixin with a splash of coke
my girl mad 'cause i bust a nut with one stroke
Im a loc gangsta shoot em up killa
theres somethin about marry like ben stilla
im a thrilla chilla like ta fight in manilla
I shot tha tooth fairy tryin to reach int my pilla
Im sorry i didnt know it was you
she puttin ten dollars for my doughters tooth
I picked her up and took her to tha hospita
She flew out my car i said this is impossible
I got out and said you hould go to tha doctor
you lost a lot of blood dumb bitch I just shot ya
She flew past a tree looked at me and said
yall wont be getting a nickle for non of yalls teeth
aw that aint right lets make a truce
my little boy los got two teeth loose
and he needs tha money for a remote controled car
I spent all my cash at tha butt naked bar
So i really need you to come through with that change
im sorry about tha dress and all tha blood stains
Ohh please im on my knees
Im teachin my son his ABC's
Im just a damn fool
I fight my pitt bull
He killed a dog that belonged to mohamid joe
but he lost his last fight and lost his eye sight
and now my dogs blind I hope you dont mind
I know im dead wrong
come form tha head strong
I hit my red bong
this song is so long
im talkin nonsense
on freestyle prjects
So check wuts on next
I love you god bless
ha ha

I will kill you
no i will kill you
No i will kill you first
No i will kill you second
no you will never find me ill kill you
no no no if you kill me then i will come back to kill you
you can never come back form the dead after i have killed you
south park
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