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lookout 69 lyrics

pansy division
Artist: pansy division
Song: lookout 69
Pansy Division 7"
Lookout 69
(c) 1992
I don't like macho, put it away
Doesn't appeal to me, straight or gay
But I know a boy who catches my eye
He don't act though, why should he try?
He's a fem in a black leather jacket
He's a gem in a black leather jacket
He's a fem in a black leather jacket
And I want to take him home with me
with his long long hear & pouty lips
Cute little butt & sexy hips
The way he moves has me inspired
He's the boy that I require
(repeat chorus)
Fem fem, fem fem femmy....
He looks as good in a skirt as he does in jeans
He is a most notorious queen
With is personality I'm not impressed
But I can't wait to get him undressed
(repeat chorus twice)
Amd I'm gonna take him home with me!
You'll probably get sweaters
Underwear and socks
But what you'd really like for Chirstmas
Is a nice hard cock
You deserve a cute boy
who's horny and queer
To make the most
Out of Chirstmas cheer
I wanna be your Christmas present
I wanna be your Chirstmass queer
I wanna be your Chirstmas present
Have a homo Christmas this year
Don't be a miserable
Mike Morrissey
Let me do you
Underneath the Chirstmas tree
Well push the packages
Out of the way
And after you've unwrapped me
Naked on the floor we'll play
(repeat chorus)
Your family
Won't give you encouragemnet
But let me give you
Sexual nourishment
Licking nipples, licking nuts
Putting candy canes
Up each other's butts
(repeat chorus twice)
Against all odds, we appear
Grew up brainwashed, but turned out queer
Bunsplitters, rugmunchers too
We screw just how we want to screw
Hello hello hello homo...
With the lights out, it's advantageous
Here we are new, so fellate us
Roll it on now, lubricat us
Get us off now, ejaculate us
Play Fugazi, play "Repeater"
River Pheonix wearing speedos
Yeah! Queer
Irreverent and in your face
Attacking preachers spewing hate
I'd love to puncture their balloons
Spray silly string around their rooms
Hello hello hello domo...
(repeat chorus)
The world's a mess, but for a while
We lick and suck and feel fine
I find it hard, that's nice to find
Forget the closet, never mind
Hello hello hello homo...
(repeat chrus)
No denial, no denial....
Jesse Helms on trial, No Denial...
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