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let's go lyrics

juelz santana
Artist: juelz santana
Song: let's go
I've been really tryin' baby
Tryin' to hold back these feelings for so long
And if you feel like I feel baby
Come on
Ohh come on
Let's get it on

Let's get it on nigga
Ah man
Let's get it on, man
Santana, you on your own, man
Hold the set down
Lets do it man
We got these bastards
Man let's do it

Uh, you nigga's dealin' with a G from the block
Yeah it's me from the block
Quick to tell a nigga'
But I don't really like to beef on the block
That bring heat to the block
I got to eat on the block nigga
Yeah you dealin' with a pimp from the hood
Keep a chick from the hood

Quick to tell her aye
Come on, let's go
I'm tryin' to do it so aye
I'm one hell of a guy
Fly fella that's fly
Like Scarface one hell of a high
One hell of a ride
That I drive, 23's look like the propellers inside

Who stuntin' like me?
Who frontin' like me?
Who did it, who get it, who done it like me?
Who wishin', who frontin', who want it from me?
Come get it, you want it, it's nothing to me

Chumps already know how I feel
When it comes to pumpin' that steel
It's like, you know with these wild boys
Tote tie 'em up with the cowboy ropes
So, let's get it on y'all
Uh, it's love

Hey Ma, back that ass up
Lookin' back I almost crashed up
So that's love right there
Hit 'em one more time

Man, you dudes can get it, that's my word
To the slang on my Houston fitted
I send rockets at you, dudes and midgets
And send cock up in you, goose and pigeons so
I know you like that mama, I'll be right back mama so
Do you believe me?
Don't you believe me, won't you believe me?
Come on

On any given Sunday or any given Monday
We headed up the runway
Uptown yea we headed up a one-way, her head is in my lap
So I let her do her one thang
She was Jamaican so I fed her bread and dumplings
Veggie pads and rumcake
Told her, said she's 18 and lived crazy just like me

Eighties baby just like me so
Hey baby you know what your boy holds all night
Long pipe, long strokes
I got it so you right Ma listen
Hey Ma, roll with the winners
And I ain't talkin' dinner, I'm like
Told you man, we can get it on
Matter fact, let's get it one more time Santana

Man I roll through, stroll through
Flag on the ride side of my whole crew screaming
They'll get you, they'll twist you
They'll split ya whole body in half
Then dismiss you like

But I'm lookin' for a bad lil' mama
Get mad like her papa, got an ass like her mama
Got her own, won't ask for a dollar
Go half on a scama and will laugh when I holla
Yea, that's love baby, yea dats love

Hey baby, the ride on this chrome, just provide us with dome so
That's love baby, that's love yea, that's love baby
You must be used to me spendin'
Nope not tonight nope, that's love baby
It don't cost nothing, it's free

Hey Ma if you give good brain, you'll get ya dipset chain sp
You know that's about 20,000, that's love baby
You know that's for nothing
Lights out, nothing to fight 'bout, got the pipe out
So,let's get it on, it's the only thing to do
That's love baby, I mean it's only right

Let's get it on
juelz santana
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