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lemmiwinks' quest lyrics

south park
Artist: south park
Song: lemmiwinks' quest
MR. GARRISON: Who can tell me what happens when water is heated up by the bunsen burner?

BUTTERS: It evaporates.

MR. GARRISON: Good, Butters. Now if we take the tube of the bunsen burner we can see how other things react. Evaporation is an ectothermic reaction, so let's look at an endothermic one. Mr. Slave, position 7 please.

*Mr. Slave Moons Mr. Garrison*

MR. GARRISON: Now I will put the tube in Mr. Slave's tight ass.
The heat from Mr. Slaves ass will act as a new conducter of energy.

MR. SLAVE: Ooh. Oh! Jesuth Chrith! Oh!

MR. GARRINSON: Ok, now Butters, could you bring Lemmiwinks over for me, please?

BUTTERS: Sure! *Gets Lemmiwinks*

STAN: Oh, No! Nononono no!

MR. GARRINSON: Newton first discovered that for every action, there is a REaction. Now what do you think will happen when I introduce the element of the gerbil to the endothermic heat of Mr. Slave's ass?

*Class is in awe*

MR. GARRISON: Well, let's see! *put's lemmiwinks into Mr. Slaves ass*

MR. SLAVE: Ahh! --- Oh Jesuth! Jesuth Chrith!

BUTTERS: Lemmiwinks!?! No!

MR. SLAVE: Ooh! Jesuth! Jesuth Chrith!
*Lemmiwinks tries to escape, magic frog king appears*

FROG KING: Lemmiwinks, you must find your way out of this place, or you will surely die. This way has been closed off by the great sphinctor. To escape, you must journey up to the dark reaches of the intestine and pass the stomach! Who am I? Just a friend. Heed my words, Lemmiwinks. Your time is running out. Make for the large intestine. Start straight ahead.

SONG: A great adventure is waiting for you ahead. Hurry onward Lemmiwinks, for you will soon be dead. The journey before you may be long and filled with woe. But you must escape the gay man's ass, or your tale can't be told.

Lemmiwinks, Lemmiwinks, Lemmiwinks, Lemmiwinks!

Lemmiwink's journey is distant, far and fast! To find his way out of a gay man's ass! The road ahead is filled with danger and fright! But push onward Lemmiwinks with all of your might!

FROG KING: Lemmiwinks, you are coming to the enterance off the small intestine! There you must seek out The Sparrow Prince!

SONG: The Sparrow Prince lies somewhere way up ahead! Don't look back lemmiwinks, or you will soon be dead! Lemmiwinks, Lemmiwinks, the time is growing late. Slow down now, and seal your fate.

*Sparrow Prince Appears*
SPARROW PRINCE: I am The Sparrow Prince! Long has my spirit been trapped within this place! Before you lies the maze of the small intestine. One path leads to the stomach, the other to certain doom. Take with you this helmet and torch. Let them be your guide! *Gives Lemmiwinks a helmet with a torch*

SONG: Take the magic helmet-torch to help you light the way, there's still alot of ground to cross inside the man so gay! Ahead of you lies adventure, and your stregnth still lies within! Freedom from the ass of doom is the treasure you will win!


MR. GARRISON: What's the matter?

MR. SLAVE: Just an upset stomach, I gueth.

MR. GARRISON: Well, here, take a pepto pill, I can't have a teacher that's under the weather.

MR. SLAVE: Jesuth Chrith! *takes the pill*

DEEP SONG: Lemmiwinks came to the stomach now. 'neath the dance of the lungs and heart.

*Catata Fish appears*

CATATA FISH: You have chosen your path wisely Lemmiwinks! I am the Catata Fish!

DEEP SONG: Catata fish of the stomach's cove!

CATATA FISH: If you answer this riddle, the esophogus will let you pass.

DEEP SONG: Catata fish's riddle will soon be told!


FROG KING: Hang on Lemmiwinks! You solved the Catata Fish's riddle, your trials are nearly through!

MR. SLAVE: *coughs out lemmiwinks*

SONG: Lemmiwinks has made it out, his tale is nearly through!

CATATA FISH: Great job, lemmiwinks!

SPARROW PRINCE: Thanks to you we are all free!

FROG KING: But your adventures are just beginning! *Takes off Lemmiwinks' helmet* You are no ordinary gerbil Lemmiwinks, you are the Gerbil King! *Puts crown on Lemmiwinks' head*

ALL ANIMAL GHOSTS: All hail the gerbil king!

SONG: Now that you're the Gerbil king has more adventures to go on! Fly away to faraway lands and to the setting sun! So many enemies and battles yet to fight! For Lemmiwinks the Gerbil King's tale is told throughout the night!

Le-Le-Lemmiwinks Lemmiwinks Lemmi-Lemmiwinks Lemmiwinks, Lemm-Le-Lemmiwinks Gerbil King!
south park
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