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it's alright lyrics

The Screaming Jets
Artist: The Screaming Jets
Song: it's alright
I sleep in and all I do is dream
I keep pushing myself to extremes
There's no gratitude and there's no lies
The pressure's what you gotta try to survive
But they'll never understand my pitiful existence
It's alright there's no use talking
Too late, they've made up their minds
I was the one who was new
I tried to lok for a better way
But you said it just wouldn't do
It burns my feelings and it hurts my pride
It tears me apart and I don't know why
The things I do for kicks I just don't understand
Just keep your attitude and you'll make a man
They'll never understand your pitiful existence
It's alright theres no use talking
Too late they've made up there minds
I was the one who was changing
I was the one who was new
I tried to look for a better way
You said it just wouldn't do
Well, it's alright
Said there's no use talking anymore
It's much , much to late
I'm not listening to you anymore.
The Screaming Jets
it's alright lyrics
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