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immortal corrupter lyrics

Artist: gwar
Song: immortal corrupter
Album: Violence Has Arrived
Year: 2001
Centuries of carnage
Centuries of chaos yet unfolding
A planet built on bone
Spinning in a space

Armies are arrayed
Like toys on tabletops it? almost funny
Bodies raped and flayed
The sea is red with blood the sky is sunny


Your entrails are displayed
Upon a rack we break the bones within you
Your fighters are dismayed and wonder if it is wise to continue
To resist my will
The babies that I bake fill a volcano
I? clogging up the kill
My wretched baby paste requires Drano

I? out of my mind
Immortal Corrupter
Malignance defined
Chew the womb, seal the tomb, leave the dead behind
Immortal Corrupter
Dagger of the mind

The betrayer is enraged
His mask is gone his crimson hauberk cloven
His brains they are arrayed
Amongst the ruin of the lies he? spoken


And if I was a sperm
I? consecrate my germ and then continue
And if I was a worm
I? find a way that I could crawl up in you

Crawl up in you!

And if I was a sperm?Immortal!
And if I was a worm?Corrupter!
If I was a sperm, if I was a germ?
I? out of my mind
Immortal Corrupter
Malignance defined
Immortal Corrupter
Dagger of the mind
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