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i'm super lyrics

south park
Artist: south park
Song: i'm super
Album: South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
Year: 1999
Big Gay Al:

Bombs are flying
People are dying
Children are crying
Politicians are lying, too

Cancer is killing
Texaco is spilling
The whole world's gone to hell
But how are you?

I'm super
Thanks for asking
All things considered
I couldn't be better I must say

I'm feeling super
Nothing bugs me
Everything is super
When you're---
Don't you think I look cute in this hat?

I'm so sorry, Mr. Cripple
I just can't too bad for you right now
Because I'm feeling
So insanely super
That even the fact
That you can't walk
Can't bring me down

I'm super
No, nothing bugs me
Everything is super when you're---
Don't you think I look cute in this hat?
These little pants, this matching tie
That I got at Vogue

I'm super

Background singers:
In the barracks and the trenches as well

Big Gay Al:
Stick 'em up.

Background singers:
Big Gay Al says do ask do tell

Big Gay Al:

Background singers:
Yes he's super and he's proud to convey

Big Gay Al:

Background singers:
Everything is super when you're gay!
When you're gay!
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