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i'm in love lyrics

Artist: gwar
Song: i'm in love
Album: You're All Worthless And Weak (Live)
Year: 2002
When I first met you, I knew I loved you.
now I mount your hips. Now I read
Now that one + one is two, I don't wanna
your mind, your slimey hind--Sublime!
cum inside of you. Now I kiss your lips,
I race unto the plague. I'll bring you
I'm feeling the peeling, mind reeling.
a big coat of butter--to slick your
dead dog...
Paw in fist we stalk through the
dead dick way. I'm in love with a
rutabaga garden. We've been to the clinic,
we know our love is clean. We walk to-
a cheese ball. We just do it all. The
butter so bitter, the shitter. Well it
gether, but fill up seperately. We share
(The Death of Pookie)
gapes vacantly. The higher the litter,
the shitter, has justly righted three...
like rubber. You scream "Don't stop",
You begin to bore me, with your breath
a shove, meaty gloveI hope you don't pop. I'm in love, with
i'm in love lyrics
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