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i feel you lyrics

peter andre
Artist: peter andre
Song: i feel you
Everything about you is so right
Baby you know that I`m so proud
To say you`re mine all mine
Why do you leave me standing like a fool
Is something that I`ve said
Or done to you

You know I wonder oh I wonder
If you`re coming home tonight
I`m thinking
What it could have been babe
Can`t get you off my mind
I`ve opened up the door
But in my heart...

Feel you running away from my love
Why you running away from my love
It`s cold when we`re apart
And it`s playing on my heart
The moments that we`ve shared will stay
In my heart...I feel you

Thinking of the lovin`That we make
baby, I love the way
You touch me in your special way
So why do I just feel like a man
That`s beeing played
Tell me it isn`t true
I`m begging baby stay

You got me going crazy
I`ve been waiting by the phone
I`m thinking about the things
I want to do to you
Soon as you get home
I give you everything
But in my heart...


You know I wonder oh I wonder
If you`re coming home tonight
I`m thinking of the bedroom babyWe`d be making love, making love
Oh, if only you`d come through the door
I know you can`t ignore
All of the love you ever need
I want to give you more

Chorus (2x)

And it`s playing on, on my heart...
peter andre
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