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huboon stomp - devo lyrics

south park
Artist: south park
Song: huboon stomp - devo
Album: Chef Aid
Year: 1998
Well, I'm a huboon baby
I'm a cross between a human and an ape
I'm all decked out
I'm gonna hoot, I'm gonna root, I'm gonna rape

people look at me and laugh and make fun of my face
I laugh right back
I don't want to be part of the human race
I did it to myself
now somebody's gonna be sorry

Well, I'm a huboon baby
gonna mess around with all you fools
I'm all pumped up, gonna romp, bone and stomp
I'm gonna rule

I had the operation
nothing else left to do
well lookit here, I've been hurt
gonna hurt you

Now, somebody's gonna be sorry
like all you wankers and you slime
and you right-wing pinheads
who make screwing a big crime
you titty-twisted up my life
and pissed on all my dreams
you made me hate myself
now come on shoot me
set me free

I did it to myself
now somebody's gonna be sorry

Well, I'm a huboon baby
I'll grow up to be the president
I'm upside-in, I'm really tweaked
I'm really freaked, I'm really bent
Big town poppas better hurry
hide your little girls
I'll jump their bones
I'll sniff 'em out 'round the world
south park
huboon stomp - devo lyrics
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