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horror of yig lyrics

Artist: gwar
Song: horror of yig
Album: Scumdogs Of The Universe
Year: 1990
"Horror is a face, and you must make a friend of horror horror that they are your enimies the horror" and moral terror are your friends and they are not. [from "Apocalypse Now"] I saw Yig. Yig saw me. We're together in dark concavity. Ooooohhhhhh! I saw Yig. I saw Yig. I saw, I saw Yig! I saw Yig. He's so big. He smokes cigs. Eats just like a pig. Yig now is shifting his gibbering mass. He hides boils with maggots. The horror that is Yig... When he rapes your mind, your mind will snap like a twig. The pus-sac extrudes. Shaping and raping, his conscience is clear. Infest - black death. Spreads hate and foul cheer. The horror, The HORROR! Reeking death harvest of humans in hatred. Where Yig doth tread no man tread tomorrow. Suck on the shitbag of what you created, Yig now he makes things impossibly queer. What we created. Yig now in coming, Yig now is here. Piles of maggots Clouds of flies Putrid breath Yig comes and you die, you all die. And bulging eyes.
horror of yig lyrics
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