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few and far between lyrics

10,000 maniacs
Artist: 10,000 maniacs
Song: few and far between
Album: Few And Far Between
Year: 1993
Times are far between, and few I bet, when we can look upon our lives without regret. Of all the things I have done, you think I'm proud of everyone without exception?
'Till you make your peace with yesterday, you'll never build a future. I swear by what I say. Whatever penance you do, decide what it's worth to you and then respect it. However long it will take to weather your mistakes, why not accept it?
My hands, for now, are tied. I'm a body frozen. I'm a will that's paralyzed. When will you ever set aside your pain and misery? No matter how I beg, no matter how I wish or plead, you'll never be more than alive. You'll never do more than survive until you expect it. Do you want to build a world with our lives? You better soon decide or you can forget it.
My hands, for now, are tied. I'm a body frozen. I'm a will that's paralyzed. 'Till you drop that heavy baggage you're dragging behind, there won't be room for us to both go this ride
10,000 maniacs
few and far between lyrics
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