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e.i. lyrics

Artist: chamillionaire
Song: e.i.
All the hoes up in the club get in free before 10
They rather pay 10 to see if the Chamillion's goin in
Fa'sho then
Me and Lester Boy gon' buy out the bar
While ya eyes is on my car, I got my eyes on ya braud
I'm not classy, grab on ya ass when ya pass me
And have the nerve to say I didn't do it when ya asked me
Nasty, call me what you want except broke
'cause soon as you do, they gon' be like this nigga got jokes
Ha-Ha, have you see where the Chamillionaire stay?
Have you seen what the neon lights up in the trunk say?
Truck stay sittin' low, and the screens in the truck play
I get more green then a vegetarian buffet
I get more bank then a NBA back board
Stack yours while we slam black Cadillac doors
2 Tellies watchin' Nelly, and 3 Tellies showin' Belly
Big ballin like some meat-balls in a damn deli
Callin' Sam on my celly
When she tellin' me she ready to come braid my hair-my hair like R.Kelly
Could tell niggaz I cut hair, they be like "So what?"
Bite ya chilli-bowl with my ice-grill and give ya ass a cold-cut
Get it? and even if ya don't then forget it
Just remember when my album hit the stores to go and get it
I'm twistin' my wrist and I'm sparklin' and glistenin'
Shh!, listen and you can hear the ladies just whisperin'
Lookin' like I was up in the North Pole and I was fishin'
Seen some ice water and stuck my whole fist in
Messin' up your vision, when the twinkies be twistin'
I feel pain, when I grip grain but I ain't trippin'
If I'm not hittin' licks with Lil' Yo up in the bricks
Then I'm hoppin' up in the 6, might pop me a lil crist'
I cannot, give you a kiss, leave ya lips and ya tongue frozen
My whole mouth golden, gotta porno star posin'
On the back of my album cover, if I discover
That'll hot girl is not a hot girl, then I'll just shove her
'cause I'ma guerilla out the gutta, I'm so sick mayne
I pull up on chrome and I watch a nigga lip hang
If Miss Thang, actin' like she really Miss Thang
Won't see me spit game, unless she gotta thick frame
Look mayne, ain't nothin' the Chamillionaire can't get
I'm ballin' like Bill Gates gave me a blank check
My paint wet, might leave a happy-hater upset
Ice on my neck drippin' down my back and got my butt wet
What you thought, the Chamillionaire wasn't throwed or somethin?
I be rollin' on buttons, and got em' sayin' "He shol' be stuntin'"
Nigga get ya mind correct, the house is the ish
Everybody flash ya wrist and let ya diamond glist
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