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death to death lyrics

Artist: stars
Song: death to death
Album: Heart
Year: 2003
wide eyed, grinning in the darkened room
sipping cactus brandy from a china spoon
coming in the morning in the afternoon, forgetting.
so tired waiting for the end to come
fully dead already but forever young
hello, my dearest father its your favourite son
theres some things that im regretting

i am destroyer i am lover, i am destroyer i am lover. i love one thing, destroy the other. i am destroyer, i am lover.

a gypsy told my fortune then i told her hers, i said "youll die high in the mountains wrapped in silver furs. youll be looking for your lover in the midnight sun and youll perish for your lover with the frost has begun"
I have a way of seeing and its nearly gone
and nobody was listening so i wrote this song
and when you know the chorus you can sing along
you destroy the thing you love
even though you know its wrong

i am destroyer i am lover
i am destroyer i am lover
why love one thing and not the other?
i am destroyer i am lover, and when i kiss i like to smother....
death to death lyrics
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