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cross my heart, hope to die lyrics

Artist: fordirelifesake
Song: cross my heart, hope to die
Remember her eyes were never meant to get attached I gave everything, and you opened your eyes finally came around? It's not going to work that way this time,
You forgot, I forgave, you moved on.

What can I do when words can't count the tears from my eyes? Or the
smiles that were once on your face, So beautiful, so perfect everyway.
Nothing I could do would ever change anything at all.

Everything with us but you never once lay awake,I don’t want to believe that we depended on those smiles, or those words. I tried everything I could
think of. (I guess I fell too far behind),
or maybe I just can't think of anything that I can do.

You're still there, behind
my reflection, ahead of my fears, in my shadow. saving me from myself in my helplessness. What can I do when
words can't count the tears from my eyes?

Alone, and I could never see
another way. Just taking this for granted everyday. Your eyes can't keep
pretending you're awake. That smile has never been the same. I'm still
lost, and you know it.
cross my heart, hope to die lyrics
by fordirelifesake lyrics
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by fordirelifesake lyrics
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