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Ray J
Artist: Ray J
Song: centerview
Album: Raydiation
Year: 2005
{Yeah, yeah}
{Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah}

I was just a young boy,
Raised out in Carson,
Ambla Elementary,
Principal Dr. Larson,
Me and my godbrotha,
Tyrin Davis,
walkin down the hallways,
He got all the ladies.
I was just a nappy head
livin on the 9 block,
'Brandy went to Bedcross,
I was at the chronic spot.
Did a lil' rooster
and my homey shantwain-
and the homey Big B
put me on the game.
The big homey solo
told me not to bang.
He told me don't put
my career to a shame.
But I did, anyway,
and I got in trouble but
I had the hookup on the hundred dolla double ups,
My nigga E-dog... he had the flow,
And when I snuck out my window,
I used to go smoke up his endo.

{I grew up in the little town called}
Cen... {oh yea} ter...view {oh, yes I did}
{I did a little bit of dirt in}
Cen...ter...{oh, yes I did} view
{aww yes I did}

My dad was always at Church
working in his office,
and my cousin Ryan got a
scholarship to college.
Everything start happening
All so quick- fast
I got on a TV show
and started to make cash,
My sister's on the radio
Banging through the stereo,
I remember when we used to go
skate at Skate Depot,
Damn those were the days,
Things just ain't the same,
And to my little homie D-O,
You gotta be careful in this game.

Cen...ter {oh yes you do}...view
{Listen, I was raised in a little town called}
Cen... {oh} ter... {yea} view {you see}
{I did a little dirt in}
Cen {in} ...ter...{in, in} view
{in Centerview, ay ay ay...}

Guess who I do it back
So all I do is that
So how I'm giving back,
Put my city on the map
That's why I do it back
First time I held this track
So how I'm giving back,
Put my city on the map

In Cen...ter...view

Oh, I used to take the circuit bus
To the Carson mall,
To go buy cans of spray paint to
hit up on the walls,
I was young and dumb,
I was livin' crazy,
But thank God for my family, 'cause
man they really saved me, yeah,
{Oh-oh, oh-oh
Oh-oh, oh-oh}
To everybody in my city
that remembers good times, oh oh,
{Oh-oh, oh-oh
Oh-oh, oh-oh}
I took a ride back to Carson
Just to hug a few friends, oh oh,
{Oh-oh, oh-oh
Oh-oh, oh-oh}
You see, I know I can get you chillin
On the block around ten, Oh oh,
{Oh-oh, oh-oh
Oh-oh, oh-oh}
Ay, And all the soldiers that didn't go
Who are locked up in the pen
In Centerview, Yeah,
Woah... woah...
Well homie, this one's for you.

Cen...{you, you}ter...view
{You see, I was raised in a little town called}
Cen... {oh yea, yea} ter... view
{haha and uh- I did a little dirt in}
Cen {oh}...ter...{ooh} view

Guess who I do it back
So all I do is that
So how I'm giving back,
Put my city on the map
That's why I do it back
First time I held this track
So how I'm giving back,
Put my city on the map

East side up,
West Coast,
I'm out.
Ray J
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