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bring back the bomb lyrics

Artist: gwar
Song: bring back the bomb
Hiroshima, A shadow burned in time
Nagasaki, naked baby melts alive
Burnt flesh and rubble from sea to dead shore
Such a hideous theatre of war
But that was the end--Why?
There are so many more that must die
Is that not part of the plan?
I must use the nukes
I can't kill you all with my hands

Hydrogen bomb, new signs of doom
Thermo-nuclear, neutron bomb too...
You say these devices must never be used
I say you're mistaken, let's get to the fuse

Bring--Bring back the bomb
This is state policy, "by other means"
Your life ends in terror, this is now decreed
This is the twisting of bloody steel beams
The bomb blows air backwards, there's no time to scream
When they tested the A-bomb, they had a real fear
The blast will destroy your sweet atmosphere
But far more important as power increases
Was wasting the planet in well-ordered pieces

Bring--bring back the bomb
Bring--bring--bring--bring back the bomb

Bring back the bomb
It's been far too long
Sumon the brazen war chariot
Bring back the bomb
what makes it so wrong?
Release the beast, you can't bury it

Hrup [8x]

Why should the fire be shared with so few?
Let bombs explode, 'cause that's what they do
Nuke Mecca, New York, the Vatican too
Give me a bomb, I'll drop it on you
Why stop at only two?
You showed the world just what it can do
What a waste not to destroy
Come play at war, man, and bring your best toy

Who gives a fuck about a nuclear war?
Let bombs explode, because that's what they're for
Last minute warning, the sirens they sing
Chaos, the reason, death, what we bring

Humans now look to the sky!
You worship missiles, yet they know no side
I guess it was all a lie
So grab ass with both hands, it's your turn to die

Die--it's your turn to die [x2]
Lies--they killed you with lies
Die, human, die

And while we're at it, let's go nuke Tibet
Let's vaporize the oceans with glee
Saving the whales an agenda for some
Nuking them sits well with me
Bring--Bring back the bomb
They know not what they do
Bring--bring back the bomb

Bring back the bomb it's been far too long
Summon the brazen war chariot
Bring back the bomb
What makes it so wrong?
Crusify Judas Iscariot
bring bring back the bomb
they know not what they do
bring bring back the bomb
what makes it so wrong?!
What makes it so wrong?
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