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big time lyrics

linda eder
Artist: linda eder
Song: big time
He said you've got the goods to make the big time
And then he puffed on his cigar
We'll make a killing, we'll get top billing
I'm gonna make you a star

First we'll improve a bit on Mother Nature
I got a doctor friend you'll see
Imagination plus augmentation
Voila, a brand new me

To get to the big time you need big time looks
A shady accountant who can cook the books
A couple of well-placed friends some dynamite eight by tens
Before you can reap those big time dividends

Before you know it, I was movin' up there
Dom Perignon and caviar
A late night "Yes Sir", leads to good press Sir
And takes a girl pretty far

So now my name's in lights about the title
Or it's not on the dotted line
On the back-lots now, I call the shots now
When there's a contract to sign

I'm up in a big time, so I make them wait
I'm up in a big time, so I'm always late
I tell them all let's do lunch then give them that one-two-punch
I'm part of the big-brass, first class big time bunch

Big, big time, big time game

I hit the right places, I cover my bases
I do what I have to, smile till it hurts, baby
Wear shorter skirts, baby, cry in a pinch, baby
But I won't dare give a single square inch, baby

Up here in a big time I've got big time friends
Who wanna make sure my big time never ends
My motto is, "I've got mine", I live on the bottom line
Up here in the A-Team, wet-dream big, big time

It's coming up roses and Barrymore noses
Worth all the sweat, dear, worth it, you bet
When you make that climb from the nickel and dime
To the simply sublime, big time
linda eder
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