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beyond the sundown lyrics

rough silk
Artist: rough silk
Song: beyond the sundown
Beyond the sundown-youÂ're just a beast without a name
Beyond the sundown-life is more than just a game
Beyond the sundown-mirrors rise and shadows fall
Beyond the sundown-darkness rises after all

Beyond the sundown-You need light and light needs pain
Beyond the sundown-Silence breaks and scars remain
Beyond the sundown-itÂ's your memory and the truth
Beyond the sundown-there ainÂ't nothing left to lose

I walk around in circles-I walk alone and blue
I talk to strange illusions-in need of something true
IÂ've seen a billion faces-IÂ've seen the prince of lies
IÂ've seen a million places branded by the lord of flies

So I wonÂ't take your orders-so I wonÂ't take your smile
IÂ'd sail across the oceans-IÂ'd walk the endless mile
So all your secret sinners-thou shalt not live in fear!
I wonÂ't believe in answers-while somethings always near

Beyond the sundown-IÂ'd be you and youÂ'd be me
Beyond the sundown-every word was like a key
Beyond the sundown-would you lie to me in vain?
Beyond the sundown-just like here and now-insane?

Beyond the sundown

Beyond the sundown-I wouldnÂ't be the one to blame
Beyond the sundown-I wouldnÂ't be your road to fame
Beyond the sundown-youÂ'd be just a waste of time
Beyond the sundown-to break a promise would be a crime

And if IÂ'd say goodbye today
Would there be another way
Would you cry just like a clown
way beyond the last sundown?
And if IÂ'd leave without a word
-AinÂ't that just a little absurd?-
Would you give the king back his crown
And wait for me beyond sundown?
rough silk
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