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best of you lyrics

The Screaming Jets
Artist: The Screaming Jets
Song: best of you
I find it hard to eat, and I just can,t sleep
My world is upside down
I'm trying to be the real me
Am I true or just a clown
A weaving path before me lies
A life of highs and lows
What will it make of me?
I really just don't know
I look at the sunshine
But I live for the night
All the things I do to myself
Am I wrong or am I right?
Indecision has me, confusion a state of mind
I hope someone can help
I look, I feel, but I don't find
What I really want
What I really need
I don't ask for to much
I feel no greed
I just want the best for you and thats all
Well, I have been there and back
Too mant times before
But it always comes around, knocking on my door
It scared me then, just like it scares me now
Amid this danger and obsession
What am I doing?
What I realy want
What I realy need
I don't ask for to much
I feel no greed
I just want the best for you and that's all
No more chances are left for me
Oh no, you really just don't seem to see the need
Too many lonely times
I have crossed over the line of sensibility
My coffee's hot and my bed is cold
I was young but I've grown so old
It scares me now
Oh, I tell you that it scared me them
I hope someone's gonna help
I look and feel, where can I find it ?
What I really want (really want)
What I really need (really need)
I said that I don't ask for to much
I feel no greed
Just give me the best of you
I just want the best of you.
The Screaming Jets
best of you lyrics
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