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back in the crack lyrics

Artist: gwar
Song: back in the crack
Album: Beyond Hell
Year: 2006
This journey
Without time
Always the beginning
Yet..perpetual end
Found we'd never left
This time
A battle un-won
In the center of it again
For this time death is at our command
Returned to our former glory
The never-ending story


Broke the gates of Hell
Deposed the Overlord
Took a dump on the floor
Seconds later I'm bored
My armor is spiny
My regrets are tiny
No concerns for the lives that I trash
But since we were last parted
I'm right back where I started
Except that our castle is thrashed!

Back in crack
I am still alive
I smell the stentch and taste hot blood
Once again I guess we didn't die
One can only hard as I

There is no secret I have for you
Everything is as it seems
The acts of the drama they number scant few
So enjoy the ruins of dreams
Sometimes you have to burn everything down
So you can have nothing at all
And even though I lived on the sun
Looks like the trip to the Mall!


Horror and hatred are all I know
Misery, madness and worms
This journey brought no satisfaction
Has defined no ultimate terms
If anything I have gained nothing
Except just for staying alive
And I suppose that is something
When you've tried as hard as me to...

Back in crack
I am still alive
I smell the stench and taste of hot blood
Once again I guess I didn't

GWAR has returned from the pit of Hell
Or at least I think that's where we were
Sleazy sent over a nine-ton crack boulder
He said "Way to go, welcome back to the world..."

From someone who has been to Hell and back
Prophetic insight I profoundly lack
Hell's full of pussies and God is a dick!
But the run was sure good for some kicks....

Back! Back in crack!
There is no secret I have for you
Everything is as it seems
The acts of drama they number few
So enjoy the ruin of dreams
Back! Back in crack!

GWAR went to hell and we faced all our fears
Now were are back so lets go have some beers!
Secure in the fact that we are without peers
GWAR for 10 million more years!
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