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abyss of woe lyrics

Artist: gwar
Song: abyss of woe
Album: Violence Has Arrived
Year: 2001
After the carnage steam rises through snow You have been consigned to the Abyss of Woe My eldritch war-suit is pasted with brains This empty feeling all that remains RED WITH RAGE I abide in the pit of woe And for my crime, this is my time My unholycrime Crucified in the Abyss of Woe The cycle of torment the pleasure of sin Licking the lap where my load must begin I rode a tide of vengeance that could never be denied Hail the crimson blur violence has arrived! RED WITH RAGE Crucified in the Abyss of Woe I abide in the pit of woe And for my crime, this is my time But we ventured onward through the Tundra of Tor My unholy crime The trail of our campaign attracted great scorn Soon I had attracted a posse of trolls Whod grown fat and sloppy from the roasting of souls But we were surrounded at the Valley of Krin And it was a battle we never could win Heeding the horn of my funeral call But still I hacked madly with my back to a wall The mutilated millions I was born to appall Heads leap from shoulders as they flock the mall The Butcher of Bertok, Infernal Throne Laid waste to usurpers till I stood all alone Gouged out eyes Ripped out guts They will die If you kill them RED WITH RAGE
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