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aayoooo-iight lyrics

juelz santana
Artist: juelz santana
Song: aayoooo-iight
Killa, DipSet, Santana
Kay Slay in the House
Lets start the year off right
Lets go

Uh, Coke I get it and gram it
Respect the kids that demand it
Girls be lickin and stickin
Showin me tits like they Janet
Drivin a stick is a standard
When you sit in the porsche
Of Course the wrist is on force
I put the Cris' in of course
(Lets go)
Jump Jump Jump jump, get your rocks and roll
Pumpin on the pump, hit the pump da da doe
Dats the cop call, chow bow down now (squally)
Go in girls ass (ah ah ah)
Be in Huston with Flip
In Memphis with 6
Atlanta T.I
We handle D.I
God damn I be fly
Hi so Cameron D I
Bye from hammers to pies
my tan is a 9
Shit, my man imma grind
Mixed gram or a dime
The phantom of phantoms
My phantom is lime
Outlandish I shine
They aint understandin my rhymes
How I shoot cannons and 9s
Then always vanish in time

Aiiiiiyo aiite?
When we come thru we hear
Aiiiiiyo aiite?
When we run thru we hear
Aiiiiiyo aiite?
When we roll thru we hear
Aiiiiiyo aiite?

Now lemme hear you say, up did it
First one that jump get it, up, get 'em
Let 'em know that the pump did it, up, hit 'em
In his gut with the pump hit em, done did 'em
Feed 'em to the birds when we done with em, cuz
No way jose we play those games
Okay hombre we spray those things, yep
With no problemo, my coca bueno, oh yes I'm one loco moreno
I make change ye, I slang lle, to the sound of merengue like eyeyeyeyeyeye
Aand I bomb like la bamba
With bombas, send bobmas
To bomb ya with bombs in they bomba
Ya I'm crazy holmes, with that .80 chrome
So if I tell ya imma kill ya send daises home


Uh, killa
Eh yo, I'm quite foul
Doggie dogg might prowl
Black rob was like woah
Woah, dog we like wow
A Hundred Thou'
The Child Styles
Ring around the rosies cozy, blaugh blaugh
I played it down
I'll show you how
Stock Market on the cow I condone it
Get whatever will work
Youll get leveled to dirt
We be in the O
Out from jugglin work
For whatever its worth
We be wherever on earth
Gettin them checks on the first
Shit is better than work

Now I came to bring weight to papo
I heard eh, muchacho
Eh, come here, wheres the cane you 'vatto
Woah I put the thing to his brain and pop slow, woah woah
It look like a mango popped yo, no no
That cant be that thing you popped yo, oh oh
Yes yes, it was
Yes yes, the snub
Hurts like a motherfucker, yes yes it does

juelz santana
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