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48 Bar Rap lyrics

chris brown
Artist: Chris Brown
Song: 48 Bar Rap
Album: Fan Of A Fan
Year: 2010
Yea, It Go.
Its What They Wanted Right?

Verse 1:
Black Shades, Dark Tent
Yo Girl, Nxgga I Get It In
Stick Shiftin, Switchin And Burnin Out In the Benz
Wood Grippin, Kissing All Of Their Model Friends
Mr Dolo, With A Bunch Of Freaks
And You Know They Get The Party Bouncing Like A Pogo
Im In (Slow Mode)
But Fast Forward Me To The Part Where Me And Yo Girl Underneath The Sheets
Just Keep Yo Eyes On, Gotta Whole Bunch Of Nxggas Behind Me Wearing Red, Verizon
New Money, I Get My Super Size On
I Like A Long Hair, Bad Chick, (???) Long
Haha, Knowing All The Words To My Songs
And She Fxcking Every Girl That's On My Phone
Haha, Im, Im So Fly; Flight Models Up Cause Im So High
Ha, Lil Nxgga Get Your Cheese Up
Black Ice On My Neck, Make You Freeze Up
Oh You Worry About Me, Go Figure
I Aint Sweating It, Fxck Them Old Nxggas
Lambo, Range Rove, With My Pants Low
I Got The Audience Clapping Like A Backboard
She Put Her Hands Up, And Then I Stand Up
And Getting To Working On The Pole, Like A Dancer
I Double Up, I Call It Double Dutch
Two Girls AT One Time, What The Fxck
Rabbit Foot In The Air, Cause My Luck Is Up
Bring The First Eight Out, Cause Im Cutting Up
Bang Bang, Now Thats Some G Shit
No Chain Gang, Like Im Really On Some Free Shit
Their Jaw Dropped, Im Leaving Nxggas Speechless
World Premiere, Get A Sneak Peek Bxtch
Im Great, Today Is A New Day
Fxcking With Me, Do The Moon Walk On Your Face
No Games, Im Oh So Serious
And Yall Nxggas Are Straight Pxssy, PERIOD
They Say A Singer Cant Rap, I Aint Hearing It
Cause After These Couple Songs, I Been Killing Shxt
Oh No, Nxggas Saying Im Loco
But They Pinocchio Nxggas, Watch Their Nose Grow
Its Young Money, Shouts Out My Nxgga Tyga Too
They On Their First Mixtape, Im On Volume Two
Turn Me Up, I'll Show You What A Tiger Do
And Imma Rip This Beat Up Like Lion Food
Louie Luggage, And The Case For The Passport
I Dont Buy Shxt, Nxgga I Ask For It
Im The Freshest, Im The Best
I Suggest That I Get It Off My Mother Fxcking Chest
chris brown
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