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one man batallion lyrics

mr. shadow
Artist: mr. shadow
Song: one man batallion

*Mr. Shadow talking*
Aha ha ha Yea!! Wassup?!
It's Mr. Shadow back up in here!
For the '99!
Beyond Entertainment style
Vicious Man Funk style
Bold Headed Individual style haha
Check it out!

[Verse 1]
Can you hear the gangsta bounce
As I step up in the house?
I got chu wonderin'
Who am I the one to leave's them sufferin'
Never under estimate the actions of a young baller
Swervin' in Impala's, lowered back, (?) and stackin' dollar's
I rolled with outlaws, real g's, ex-con parolees
Ready to put on work on you busta's
And police and impostor's, get tossed up
Hear the top of individuals that'll get chu crossed up
Locked up! Wassup! With the (?) actin' strange
Don't make me get the gauge, cock one back and rearrange
Your willin' to change your ways, if you wanna get respected
You better stay away or a hit will be attempted
On you and your boys cause we make much noise
We play with chrome toy's from S.D. to Illinois
I got no choice but to live by the sword
For my actions and my thoughts are rejected by the lord!

[Chorus 2x]
From the dark side of S.D.
You all know me
It's a the one man battalion
The one and only
Livin' like a champ
Nothin but sick goes up
In my camp
Ready to wet one off the map
At the drop of a hat!

[Verse 2]
Guess who's back still on probation?
On my way to test I'm thinkin'
'Will I slip and face (?)'
Nothin' to explain
I'm gonna put it plain and simple
Since I was an adolescent; learned to pack a pistol
When sicc was on the list I got my weapons and boots
Instead of reading books I was hanging with the crooks
And it looks the same; nothin' really change
Except a few accounts in the bank under my name
I never like to blink when I'm staring at a cop
Cause their venomous like snakes
Fool! I put that on the spot
Pops always told me never to (?) like these
Tryna play a hate-a hustla for his cars and G's
But see, I got more cars I'm a wrecka then richer
I'll be the one that'll lit chu
And put a frame around your picture
Hit cha with the style that you never heard before
Disrespect and Imma have you wishin' you were never born!

Chorus 2x

Can you feel the bass thumpin'? Let me ask you somethin'
Have you ever had a beat like this bump in your trunk before
Ain't no future if you front like the bomb
I caused a panic, got chu runnin' out bullets
Cause my boys pack automatic's
I have it in my blood to be a warrior
If he gots the (?) I'll let chu have it
Fool, I'm warnin' ya! (warnin' ya)
Better strap a vest, ain't no playin' in the west
And when they lay my ass to rest, I want my city on my chest (Let go)
If you try to test my skills, Imma show you how it feels and uh
Why Jack and Jill never came down from the hill and uh
I'm strikin' enemies like them (?) in Vietnam
Piss me off, I'll go off set a bomb and drop it on Sudan (boom)
I'm crazy with my (?), me and my (?) play (?)
Disrespect and man you'll end up in the vet in the (?)
Sooner then your think it, faster then you blink
I'm standing right behind you here to see your ship sink boy!

Chorus 2x
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