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you don't know me lyrics

master p
Artist: master p
Song: you don't know me
Album: Good Side Bad Side
Year: 2004
Yo what you trippin' on?
Didn't I tell you it's gonna be alright?
I ain't came up on somethin' Shorty
And I got you

Shorty keep your head up
Even when you fed up
Shorty keep your head up

Just listen, I seen you in school Shorty
What's to do Shorty? You know I'm out here thuggin'
But what's up wit me and you shorty? You need me I'm on the 3way
I'm in the hood thuggin' wit my homie down mean E Jay
What you say he ain't treating you right? Wuzzup baby girl
You need a thug in your life, Shorty keep your head up and
I'ma be there when you need me girl even when you fed up

And I ain't tryin' to boost you up or shoot you up
But if you was money you'll be a million bucks
Just be there when I need ya and if ya hungry I'ma feed ya
That's why them other girls wanna be ya
And girl you shouldn't settle for less settle for that you a queen
And you deserve the best I know you don't know me
I 'member what you told me, "And I like the way you hold me"

Shorty keep your head up
Even when you fed up
Shorty keep your head up
Even when you fed up

I know you shocked and really ain't into meetin' new guys
Think we all the same good for tellin' you lies
But I can understand that I peep a frown it's on your face
When I ask you, "Where you men at?" But I ain't really tryin'
To invade your space your heart been shelter all over the place
And you used to be a bright girl now world is death
Got an attitude which you hadn't heard of him I'ma P.I.M.P

But I'll treat you right did I simpler girl never I had to say it was tight
When I was broke on the block you was there for me
See you can cut through loose you don't compare to me
'Cuz see I'm from the heart I just ranned out of lies
I don't wanna be the reason tears run from your eyes
Think I'm 2 G'ed up for my feelings to show?
Well go right ahead keep thinkin' you know, you was wrong about me

Shorty keep your head up
Even when you fed up
Shorty keep your head up
Even when you fed up

Yo' ma I'm always seen you around but lately seem somethin
Keepin' you down and they say your X so abusive
You don't play sports how you get those bruises?
To be honest the dude is useless, let me take you out the hood
We can do this you to cute to be seatin' on the bench
You can start on my team ma come and represent and
I can treat you better than that looser ever did
Because you don't deserve the type of stress that he give

I know I'm young but I can treat you right and if he trippin'
Then you need to be with me tonight and baby he don't have
An ounce of respect for you that's why I think is gangsta
How you backed off and left the dude? Shorty age ain't nothin'
But a number, if you need to get away take the Benz or the Hummer
And you say I don't know enough about you but I just can't
See myself being without you, yeah

Shorty keep your head up
Even when you fed up
Shorty keep your head up
Even when you fed up
master p
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