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wrong again lyrics

kirsty maccoll
Artist: kirsty maccoll
Song: wrong again
I feel empty, I feel deceived
You shouldn't have done that to me
I was fine till you came along
I'd grown used to being alone
But you made love to me and then
I hoped it might happen again
And now you tell me you love someone else
And that life's too complicated
And you throw me a cliché like "we'll still be friends"
Well mister, you're wrong again

Cause my friends are people who love me
Not like you, not like you
And they try to take good care of me
They wouldn't hurt me like you do
Will I ever get smart, once again I'm the fool
To let you be so unnecessarily cruel

And now you tell me you love someone else
I was just light entertainment
Did you think you would cause me no pain?
Wrong again, wrong again

I thought my karma might protect me
From any harm you might subject me to
That my heart could be ruled by my brain
Wrong again
So you took a little piece of me
Laid me open for the world to see
But if I meant so little to you
Why couldn't you just leave me be?
It wouldn't have made so much difference to you
But it meant the whole world to me

And now you tell me you love someone else
You were thinking of her all along
So you thought my intentions were roughly the same
Wrong again, wrong again

I might not have minded if I'd been prepared
I wouldn't have felt such rejection
But your heart's not as free as you promised me
And you've realised on closer inspection

So now you tell me you love someone else
You were thinking of her all along
You assumed that I knew all the rules of the game
Wrong again, wrong again
kirsty maccoll
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