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without fear lyrics

amon amarth
Artist: amon amarth
Song: without fear
Album: Once Sent From The Golden Hall
Year: 1998
I see, without fear my destiny
As the raging skies begins to fade
Pouring rain licks my wounds
As my blood flows from my torn flesh!

As I die I hold my sword
My only friend and pray that
Oden will take me home

The battle rages but I hear only raindrops falling
Link in slow motion to the ground
Death release me free me from my earthly pain
Oden I ask thee please, take me home

As I look to the sky the heaven is lit
And Valkyries in shining Armour

I rest my head on the ground
And close my eyes and I know that
Oden's sent for me as I die

Without fear I die I hold my sword
And die without fear
amon amarth
without fear lyrics
by amon amarth lyrics
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