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when the last time lyrics

Artist: chamillionaire
Song: when the last time

(cartis talkin)
I c u Boa Araya,
wanna diss chamill huh? im bout to rip yo ass
Lets Get it

(cartis verse1)

you a girly ass nigga,
betta run and go get ya purse,
cause when im finished with yo ass you gone need more than a nurse,
wanna talk bout seeing hm?
wonder y stevies blind?
cause yo ass looked at him
and made his blind ass cry
wanna talk about icy?
when you cant afford a white tee?
have yo stupid ass killed,
ya guts on my grill,
so go get ya tampons up outta ya purse,
now tell me who got the gift
and tell me who got the curse


now you wanna talk bout 50?
then yo ass must be bullet proof,
cause ill rip yo ass like you got hit with some ninjutsu
you must be a white-wanna-be rapper
cause yo ass aint black,
you dissin the wrong people,
and ya lyrics is wack

Got e'm fo u chamill and 50
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