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jerry lee lewis
Artist: jerry lee lewis
Song: what'd i say
What'd I Say (Track#4)
(Ray Charles)
Jerry Lee Lewis
Album: Live Wembley Arena
London November 4, 1982

Intro: Instrumental & piano

Hey mama don't treat me wrong
Come an love your daddy all night long
Alright, hey-hey
Alright-mama, all night

Tell your mama, tell your pa
I'm gonna send you back to Arkansas
Alright, hey you don't do right
Don't do right, baby?
You just don't do your livin' right

Hey, see the girl with the diamond ring?
Good God, she knows how to shake that thing
Hey, shake it girl
Shake that thing

Oh, look it at the woman with the diamond ring
Good God, she can shake it, she can shake it
Break a thing
Alright, whoa-oooh-oooh

What'd I say?
What'd I say?
What'd I say? yeah
What'd I say?
What'd I say?
What'd I say?

I wanna know
Honey, I wanna know
I wanna know
Honey, I wanna know
I wanna know
I wanna know, now


Spoken by Announcer:
We'll talk with Jerry Lee Lewis about New Wave Music
When the International Festival of Country of Music returns
after this message.

From country ballads to honky tonk and rock and roll
He's the master of them all. Here again is Jerry Lee Lewis
Recorded live at the Wimbly Arena in London.

jerry lee lewis
what'd i say lyrics
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